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Welcome to the Geoton Photo blog, written by the founder, George Levchenko. While we are based in Northern California, George has fantastic career in artistic photography spanning not just the nation, but the globe. We count ourselves amazingly fortunate in our past clients and friends - thanks to constant, glowing word-of-mouth, our referrals have piled up quickly and we're already a third of the way booked for this year! Visit the blog often and share in our adventures!

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Pebble Beach Concours, California

Pebble Beach Concours does not need an introduction. It offers car collectors the opportunity not only to see, but to acquire automobiles of the highest quality, provenance, and design. Well, I am not a car collector and what attracts me to Pebble Beach every year is the concept car circle. And this time the winner for me were: Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo GT and the new Toyota FT1 Concept

Adam's Sandwiches, California

Are you hungry yet? Here is the project where you get to eat what you are shooting! Adam has already had a very popular place in downtown Sacramento, where he bakes his bread, makes all the souses and the sandwiches, which make your mouth watering; when he asked me to shoot his product and create a set of menus for his new place in San Jose.

Here a few sandwiches out of his line new product line.

Stockholm, Sweden - Travel

Was I lucky again? As a matter of fact, yes, I was! Just a few days before we landed in the Stockholm airport, the weather was almost brutal and winter-like. Yes, even in July. After spending a week in London then traveling through out Spain, you definitely feel like entering a different world of culture, architecture and even way of thinking.

Andalusia, Spain - Travel

All my previous travels to Spain ended up in Barcelona, a beautiful city with great traditions and architecture but… after this trip to Andalusia, I realized that I’ve never been to Spain before. Here are a few lucky shots I took from Malaga to Sevelle.

London, UK - Travel

If you had one word to describe London, what would that word be? For me it would be… cool!

Rome, Italy - Travel

We’ve finally arrived at our final destination of our two-week adventure from a few weeks ago - Rome. The ancient architecture. The amazing artists (I am including many types of artists, from fashion designers to painters to the makers of lather bags). Great food and wine - everything is just amazing. And the best of all is sharing a place that you love with someone you love.

Tuscany, Italy - Travel

The Tuscany region of Italy is known for being an important cultural center of Italy and is a treasure trove with so many things to see that a few days won't be enough. Its landscapes are similar and, at the same time, quite different from Treviso landscapes, where we spent a few days earlier (see post below).

Being tourists ourselves and looking at other tourist’s eyes we could see that it is almost a mystic moment for everybody, whether you are on the country side or watching a sunset in Florence I believe locals admire their own Tuscany too, even if they used to seen this beauty every day. But for tourists, coming from the other side of the world, a simple country run on a olive field or wine tasting at some local winery can be most romantic and poetic moment of their lives.

Cinque Terre, Italy - Travel

The Cinque Terre is basically five small villages on the Costa Ligure of Levante, called Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. Mild climate, the charm of old fishing villages, and exceptional natural beauty have made this landscape simply unforgettable. We stayed at the small hotel in Riomaggiore, parking our Lancia somewhere at the top of the hill.

We started as early as seven, first buying a train ticket to get to Monterosso and then to hike back. This hike, challenging at first, was stunning - magnificent views were open before us on every turn as we hiked through the grape and olive terraces.

Modena, Italy - Travel

For anyone who loves cars, this is a must-see in Modena. Given the history and rivalry between Lamborghini and that other car company in Maranello, yes I am talking about Ferrari, it seems appropriate to mention the differences in the tours. Ferrari museum is much bigger, the history of Formula One racing is huge. You walking from one room to another and realize that Ferrari is most desirable car in the world... for you. And yet, as a tourists destination, cleanness of Lambo cars in their museum, perfection of lines keeps you speechless as well. Strongly recommend to see both places. But if you have to choose one, take the full Lamborghini tour.

Meanwhile, my conclusion:
Lamborghini: Perfect. Clean. Exciting. Powerful. Amazing. Out of this world.
Ferrari: Overwhelming. Experienced. Enormous. Traditional. Evolving. Desirable.

Venice, Italy - Travel

Venice is one of those places that you just have to see when you’re in Italy. Even knowing so much of it before visiting it, one can get nervous to actually get there and be let down. I reserved my judgement for when I got there, though. We parked our car and bought tickets to the boat and landed at the hart of Venice - Piazza San Marco. Pretty soon we realized that there isn’t much to do in Venice. Mostly, you just wander around and try not to be squished by the hoards of people. The water in Venice is a funny murky color (somehow it came better on the pictures) and the bright colors of buildings and passing by gondolas make up for it in charm. There’s no way to enjoy Venice like walking along the bridges and just enjoying the views.

Treviso, Italy - Travel

After gray-colored and yet charming Milan, much warmer colors of Verona was very noticeable. The whole Treviso territory offers great hospitality, with hotels de charme, agriturismi and bed and breakfasts, that often happen to be beautiful restored countryhouses tucked away in a dreamy landscape. We stayed in a small town of Barbisano, which is a relatively small place and its historic centre can be visited all by foot. To capture everything in a morning light I got up at five and just walk with my camera. trying to put together a wide overview of this town. Gorgeous mountains, beautiful wineries, small villages - everything simply takes your breath away.

From Milan to Verona, Italy - Travel

Milan is known as Italy's top fashion city and is a great place to shop for designer clothes, accessories and shoes. As a matter of fact, shoes are everywhere, in almost every store window. You think you are ready for it and then you ask yourself: how many shoes do people need? Never mind, just kiddin' And a huge glass-roofed shopping arcade - Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is beautiful. It's built in a cross-shape and links the squares of the Duomo and La Scala, which is also considered to be the largest Gothic cathedral in the world.

Overall Milan was a good starting point for us. But we realize right away that its gray colors and mostly cloudy sky did not represent the rest of Italy. We are leaving for Verona tomorrow...

Brixen, Italy - Travel

Our last day in Italy. We decided not to ski today and instead spend it in a beautiful little Brixen. It was snowing all night and by the time we got to downtown this fresh snow started melting down from the trees, I knew that I only had a few hours before it happens. Here are a few lucky shots of this beautiful small town.

South Tyrol, Italy - Travel

South Tyrol ( Südtirol) is a beautiful German speaking province in northern Italy. Driving all night from Trier, we reached our hotel Kronblick by nine in the morning, passing it without stopping. Our destination that morning was Cortina d'Ampezzo, where Women's World Cup Downhill had to start at about ten. It was a dream came true - I was about to ski Alps first time in my life and, more then that, to see a major sporting event in alpine skiing!

Cortina d'Ampezzo - finish line of Women's World Cup Downhill

I am with the crowd.

Lindsey Vonn, USA (Second Place in women's downhill) is giving an interview after the race.

Anette and Angela outside of our hotel, Kronblick...

Alta Badia, Italy: I am on top of the world!

Anette, Mark and his GoPro.

Mark, George L, Angela, George W and Anette... Molto Bene!

Amsterdam, Holland - Travel

There was a few hours overlap in Amsterdam; it was drizzly, windy and gloomy, typical weather for Amsterdam in January. I didn't even want to take my camera out of the bag... then I saw this boat and the angle it was getting under this bridge, so I had to take the shot.

Mysore, Bangalore, India - Travel

This was my second trip to India in two years. And almost as in my first trip I was shocked with the level of pollution in Bangalore, endless chaotic traffic and non-stop honking. And yet, I hope my pictures captured something more than that, even on busy Bangalore streets full of cars and people, I tried to find peace and balance.

Old Dubai - Travel

I believe it was my fourth visit to EUA. There are so many places in Dubai that I enjoy and love to visit again and again, so every time I was leaving my friends' house, I thought whether to take my camera bag with me or simply have fun and enjoy the city. Here are just a few pictures I took in Dubai, some with my iPhone, some with my Canon.

Lake Tahoe - Travel

Just got back from a short trip to Lake Tahoe. What a beautiful place! There is a reason why Lake Tahoe is so photogenic and one of the most photographed places and I am positive my photos are not among the best. There is no way I consider myself a landscape photographer and yet, here it is, how I feel when I am there...

The Emerald Bay, one of the most scenic areas in Lake Tahoe, some say this is the prettiest place in the whole state.

Vikingsholm is a nordic mansion built on the lake almost 100 years ago, now managed by the state park system. Inside the mansion is fully furnished with mostly original furniture and other historic artifacts. Unfortunately by the time we got there inside tour was already closed.

Pras & Diem, Vietnamese Ceremony - Antioch, CA

It was a great, busy and fun week! At least we had gorgeous summer weather on Fourth of July going through the rest of the week. Vietnamese Ceremony started early Tuesday morning in Antioch, at Diem's parents' house. The Sarkars arrived on time with lots of presents for Diem and Le family. After the ceremony we went to Danville for a small luncheon at Blackhawk Plaza.

Mehndi - Sunyvalle, CA

Pras & Diem, Bengali Ceremony - Santa Clara, CA

Pras & Diem - Wente Vineyards, Livermore CA

Karan and Rajan - Stanford Univercity, CA

Karan and Rajan are getting married! But first things first - engagement ceremony. Last week we spend a few hours in Stanford, Palo Alto, taking some conservative and romantic shots... The place was totaly crowded on Sunday afternoon and yet I am glad we managed to make an illusion that Karan and Rajan were the only two people there.

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