Geoton Photo

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Seamlessly blending modern digital technology, fine art photography, traditional and photojournalistic styles, George Levchenko started photography business and open his studio - Geoton Photo. First, George was influenced by his father, an amateur photographer, who was shooting, developing and printing his photographs in a little home-made dark room.

"He fed me lessons in photography - the basics first, followed by composition, light and exposure, but most of all, how to create a compelling story in a single photograph. He would say: 'Give me a puddle and a dirty car, I will show you the hurricane beyond the lens.'"

In the subsequent years, George found this simple, straight-forward lesson repeated over and over again, but especially in the works of French author, Anais Nin: "We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are." -- "This led me to realize that I couldn't just see things from an alternate artistic angle, I must also strive to create my simple snapshots of life in an entirely different way."

George earned a Master's degree of Arts from Kiev National University of Technology and Design, Ukraine, and began a career as a Fashion designer. Along with designing clothes for fashion companies, first in Kiev and then in Chicago and New York, he worked side-by-side with a variety of professional photographers on wide range of catalogs, learning that the devil is in the details: "These talented men and women taught me the fine art of posing, dramatic and subdued lighting, and an assortment of other skills that I carry with me to this day."