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Some events are far too important to not be photographed. Whether it's a rare gathering of relatives at a social event or the blow out decor of a corporate celebration, some special events should not be relegated to memory alone.

Capture the moment, reward employees, relive the party, wine tasting or creatively market products or services to a global audience. Communicating your unique message effectively and economically to your customers, sales force, and employees is our first priority. By integrating visuals, motion, and sound, your photo and video message can far surpass the communication ability of traditional methods.

Created with the finest photo and video materials and equipment, providing great service and professionalism, GEOTON Photo's team of photographers brings out your best features and enhance your corporate event, making it remarkable.

Geoton Photo provides unique services: Onsite photo editing and printing.

It's great for those who want to give a special thank you to their guests for coming to the event. Learn more

If you are planning an event, call us to discuss the possibility of creating a photographic record for you, including on-site editing and printing. In real time we can create photo montage, add company logo, event time and date, and print it on-site within minutes. Learn more.

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